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Barter Software Features

This is not a complete List of our Barter Software Features, just some highlights.

With over 6 years of continuous Barter Software Development, no one can compare to our features.

Barter Software Feature List

Your Members can do all this and more with our Barter Software;

  • Sign up on Line.
    • Verifiable On Line Digital Signature is required and fully implemented by International Standards.
    • Credit Card information can be required. YES we are VISA/MC/AMX certified!!!
    • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) bank information can be required.
    • USA resident members on a USA trade exchange will be required to fill out our on line W9. Having a W9 is required by the IRS.
    • Automatically have the Refereed By box filled in using our "Refer a Friend" eMail system.
    • have the Refereed By Box a Required entry for those using extensive tracking.
  • Run Transactions
    • from the web site.
    • from any web enabled cell phone or PDA device.
    • from any telephone using real live human operators.
    • using our automatic monthly billing to bill their repeat customers.
    • directly from their website using our easy to implement WEB SERVICES via the buyers Barter/Trade Swipe Card.
  • Use their personal web page on the site to advertise their goods and services
    •  using easily formated text and adding images.
    • Other members can find them using Text Search or the Super Easy Search Filter to find members by location.
    • Members can contact each other directly with the system.
  • Use the Inventory Controlled Barter Store to
    • list Goods and Services, setting the quantity and price of each listing.
      • enter the location address of the listing, member can use the Super Easy Search Filter to find listings location.
      • enter the description of the listing.
      • upload multiple images to be shown with the add.
      • the system automatically makes thumbnail images of JPG files for use in the add and provides a link to the full size image.
      • See the Creation Date, the Date they last edited the listing and the Date last Date the Listing was sent out in the New Store Notices.
      • See the quantity left for sale, the list price and the number of time the item has bee viewed.
      • See the Total Value of all items currently for sale.
    • Potential Buyers can Rate each Listing, the results of each are shown on the Listing as well as the accumulative results for both the seller and the sellers exchange.
    • Each listing has it's own view counter.
    • Members can only purchase items when they have sufficient funds and are not past due in their cash fees.
    • Complete Shipping information is collected and supplied.
    • Both the buyer, seller and their Brokers are notified via email of the sale.
    • Members can see list of all Barter Store items Bought or Sold, the Transactions and full contact information.
  • Use the Barter Auction
    • to list items with a fixed starting bid amount
    • set the auction close time and date
    • the system automatically extends the close time by 15 minutes after the last bid, just like real auctions
    • automatically run the transactions on the next day after the Auction closes
    • when bidding the system automatically limits the bidder to their available funds
    • The High Bidder cannot bid over his own bid, yes they where doing just that...
    • All out bid bidders are automatically emailed when they are out bid.
    • The Seller and their Broker is automatically emailed when each bid occurs.
  • Use the Daily Falling Prices (Dutch Auction)
    • The seller sets
      • the starting price of the listing
      • the amount the price falls each day
      • the lowest price the listing will reach
    • The Buyer has to decide if the item is low enough to buy or if someone else will buy it each day as the price falls.
  • Use the Hotel/Travel section to locate any of our vast array of Accommodations using our location List or Map Feature
  • Accommodations can be listed sell as Script, Use the on-line booking form we provide, or use a booking form on another website.
  • Use the Member Search feature to find Individual members
    • by their Personal Listing / Selected Barter Types
    • or by Company Name
    • Use the Super Easy Search Filter to search for members by location.
  • Use the Barter Store Search feature to find Individual Barter Store listings using text based searches.
    • Use the Super Easy Search Filter to search for listings by location.
    • Use the Show ALL Listings by the listing Member with one click.
  • more to be added :))



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Barter Software

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